• 01

    Online Negotiation

    Understand customer ideas.

  • 02

    Help with Model Selection

    Know customer products and help customers choose models.

  • 03

    Project Design

    Making product processing rhythm analysis plan for customers.

  • 04

    Sign the Contract

    Determine the details and protect the rights and interests of both parties.

  • 05

    Factory Production Scheduling

    Customer orders, factory production scheduling.

  • 06

    Equipment Delivery

    Acceptance of products, completion of delivery.

  • 07

    Machine Installation

    Follow the relevant operating procedures, install and debug the unit.

  • 08

    Training Operation

    Train the customer's operators to operate the equipment.

  • 09

    Acceptance is Completed

    Make sure the product has no problem, the acceptance is completed, and the payment is paid.

  • 10

    After-sales Service

    First online video to solve the problem, if it can't be solved, then offline engineers will be sent to the customer's site to solve it.