Automotive Industry Applications

In recent years, the speed of economic development has accelerated, and the automobile processing industry has also obtained a good development space and maintained a good momentum of development. Therefore, the processing and manufacturing technology of automobile parts has also developed rapidly. The emergence of digital technology can effectively make The production technology of auto parts, which has been developing slowly, has been developed more rapidly.

CNC machine tools have been vigorously promoted in the manufacturing process of auto parts in recent years. The quality of auto parts produced by CNC machine tools has been improved by a new level on the original basis, and the efficiency of processing and production has also been improved.

Automotive Industry Applications


There are still many difficult-to-machine parts in automobiles, which cannot be machined with ordinary machine tools, and can only be machined with CNC machine tools. For example, large-scale car frames, crash barriers, and main chassis components require five-axis CNC machining centers.

Deli CNC machining centers are widely used in the auto parts industry, mainly for the production of auto parts such as car sunroof rails, car luggage racks, car front and rear bumpers, car pedals, car trim strips, and car dashboard brackets.

Deli CNC pays close attention to the development trend of the automobile market, deeply cultivates the automobile production capacity industry, and actively deploys the new energy automobile market segment. At present, DELI’s composite machining center products are widely used in the production of battery trays for new energy vehicles. In-depth cooperation with many domestic and foreign car companies has accumulated rich industry experience and cases.

Automotive Industry Applications

FC Five-axis Machining Center

It adopts five-axis linkage control system and has RTCP tool following function, which can process multiple complex surfaces at one time. Adopting the spindle imported from Italy, it is suitable for the processing of industrial profiles and aluminum alloy profiles, such as milling, flow grooves, keyholes, and shaped holes.

The automatic positioning pneumatic clamp can quickly clamp the workpiece, and cooperate with the double-station area processing, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. Imported high-quality AC servo motors, ball screws, linear slides and electrical accessories are used to ensure that the equipment has high machining accuracy.

It is equipped with a main shaft cover protection device to ensure the personal safety of the operator, and is equipped with an automatic chip removal function. Drilling, milling, chamfering, rigid tapping and other processing procedures can be completed in one clamping, saving time.