Deep Processing Rail Transit Industry Application

Mainly used in deep processing of industrial materials and rail transit equipment. Adopting the moving column structure, the aluminum alloy, light alloy, iron, steel and PVC and other profiles are drilled, tapped, milled, and cut in an orderly and precise manner. The main control parts, moving column structure and headstock of the machine are made of high-quality nano-cast iron, which is stable in operation, accurate in processing, high in efficiency and durable.

SCA Heavy Industrial Profile Machining Center

SCA Heavy Industrial Profile Machining Center

The tool magazine is equipped with 24 tool positions, which can be quickly changed according to the program requirements, and the arm can automatically change the tool; the tool is cooled by a freezing spray system or a water spray cycle, which improves the service life and the machining accuracy of the workpiece; there is a chip recovery box, which can Mobile closed protective cover (optional), three-dimensional programming display, simple, safe and convenient operation.

It is suitable for the processing of steel, aluminum, copper metal and non-metallic materials, and can be processed while feeding.